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Journey in the development of the GSK Ellipta portfolio

  • The GSK Respiratory R&D Strategy

    GSK has purposefully developed multiple inhaled combinations for asthma/COPD.

  • The GSK Respiratory R&D Strategy (2001)

    Inhaled combinations were central to our respiratory research strategy

  • Which molecules were selected among the candidates?

    Multiple candidates, clear decision points, determinations, organizational buy-in.

  • Trelegy: The molecules

    Fluticasone furoate, Vilanterol and Umeclidinium.

  • Insightful development of Trelegy (1999-2017)

    50 Phase 3 COPD studies and 13 years from last molecule to COPD triple launch.

  • R&D Support fot the inhaler Ellipta portfolio continues

    Building the knowledge base and addressing patient needs

  • Questions

    How was the particle size selected for Trelegy Ellipta (FF/UMEC/VI)