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SHINGRIX efficacy data

SHINGRIX demonstrated >90% efficacy against shingles in all age groups studied vs. placebo 13*

Demonstrated sustained efficacy at 4 years

In the fourth year after vaccination, VE against shingles in patients:

  • ≥50 years was 93.1% vs. placebo (95% CI: 81.2, 98.2).1
  • ≥70 years was 87.9% vs. placebo (95% CI: 73.3, 95.4).1, 3

Duration of protection beyond 4 years is currently under investigation.

* Pooled results of two multi-centre, randomized, observer-blind, placebo-controlled trials in subjects 50 years of age and older who received doses of SHINGRIX (n=14,645) or placebo (n=14,660) at 0 and 2 months. Primary efficacy analysis was of the Modified Total Vaccinated Cohort (mTVC): all subjects randomized who received a second dose of the vaccine and did not develop a confirmed case of shingles within one month after the second dose. Randomization was stratified by age in years: 50–59, 60–69, 70–79 and ≥80 in an 8:5:3:1 ratio. Subjects were followed for the development of shingles for a median of 3.1 years (ZOE-50; range: 0–3.7 years) and 3.9 years (ZOE-70; range: 0–4.5 years). Primary endpoint was vaccine efficacy as measured by the reduction in herpes zoster risk.

†Data from ZOE-50; vaccine efficacy (VE) adjusted by region.

‡Pooled data from ZOE-50 and ZOE-70; vaccine efficacy (VE) adjusted by region.


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