PrSotrovimab for injection

Expiration Dates


Sotrovimab with European French and English labelling is being distributed in Canada.

The expiry date printed on the European French and English cartons and vials may not reflect the shelf-life authorized by Health Canada for this product.

The Sotrovimab Canadian expiry date should be verified before use. Sotrovimab should not be used beyond the Valid Canadian Expiry Date provided in the table below.

LOT Number
(As printed on the carton and vial.)
Printed Expiry Date
(As printed on the carton and vial. For verification purposes only.)
Valid Canadian Expiry Date
2T8F 02-2022 08-2022*
UK3F 03-2022 09-2022
D75U 08-2022 02-2023
RX2Y 08-2023 02-2024**
AG7D 11-2023 05-2024**

*Updated: 2 February 2022
**Updated: 29 August 2023

For more information, please contact GSK at 1-800-387-7374.