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Patient identification

Anoro indication

Anoro Ellipta (umeclidinium/vilanterol) is indicated as a maintenance bronchodilator treatment to relieve symptoms in adult patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 1

Anoro Ellipta Inhaler

Breathlessness is a cardinal symptom of COPD 7

Breathlessness (dyspnoea) is highly prevalent among patients with COPD, with approximately 72.5% of patients with COPD reporting it as a symptom to their physician, in one European study of 2,441 patients.  8

Lung function decline is greatest in the early stages of disease

Breathlessness is a common respiratory symptom of COPD that has a major impact on both quality of life and health outcomes in patients. 2 7 The decline in lung function in patients with COPD has been shown to occur at a considerably faster rate during the early stages of the disease, 3 and in many cases the symptoms of COPD do not appear until patients have lost approximately 50% of their lung function. 2 Therefore, early and effective intervention could help to prevent further lung function decline, improve patient quality of life and slow progression towards disability. 4 5 6

The effect of breathlessness on patients with COPD

Data show that breathlessness may correlate with heightened exacerbation rates, decreased health status and a decline in the health-related quality of life of patients. 9 A survey conducted by IPSOS Healthcare in April 2014 found that 86% of patients with COPD reported feeling frustrated, while 68% reported being fearful of the future due to their COPD symptoms. 10

It takes me so long to just get dressed, because you’re stopping and starting, you have to keep sitting down and getting back the breathing, so it takes a long time. To get out by ten, I’m up at half past five. 15

I postpone everything to prevent gasping for breath; housework, cooking, going out… 14

The only problem is if I get up to go to the toilet and I come back, I’m out of breath. 15

You feel as if you are going to die…”    15

Economic impact of breathlessness

COPD is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, and with this comes both an economic and social burden, resulting in an impact on healthcare budgets: 7

6% – the proportion of European health costs spent on respiratory disease 7

56% – the contribution of COPD to European respiratory healthcare costs 7

€38.6 billion – the annual cost of COPD in Europe 7

Symptoms of COPD can force patients or their careers to leave the workforce early

40% – the percentage of patients forced to stop working due to their COPD 11

£101 million – the estimated productivity loss from early retirement due to COPD 11

9% – the percentage of patients with severe COPD who feel able to continue to work 11


Impact of COPD on GP services

GP visits contribute significantly more towards COPD management costs compared with exacerbations or non- COPD hospitalisations, even among patients with frequent exacerbations. 9

  Cost per patient per year
  MRC grade No of patients Exacerbations Non-COPD hospitalisations All cause GP    interactions Total
MRC 1 9,475 £147.7 £456.7 £992.7 £1,597.1
MRC 2 19,863 £198.5 £527.1 £1,122.9
MRC 3 13,251 £289.6 £701.1 £1,307.1 £2,297.8
MRC 4 7,440 £395.5 £859.9 £1,489.6 £2,745.0
MRC 5 1,612 £549.1 £1,189.8 £1,840.2 £3,579.1

COPD management and costs in a 12-month follow-up

Adapted from Punekar 2014.12

Patients reporting clinically significant dyspnoea MRC scores ≥3 use GP services significantly more frequently than patients with MRC scores ≤2.  13

Improving patients’ symptom control could improve the quality of life of patients and help to reduce COPD costs. 12


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