Patients with COPD have often lost 50% of their lung function by the time they experience symptoms1

Could your COPD patients benefit from a LAMA/LABA as first-line maintenance therapy?

Meet Robert

He is a 62-year-old COPD patient being treated with a short-acting bronchodilator agonist therapy (SABA) as required, but is not yet on a maintenance therapy.


  • Breathlessness
  • Reduction of usual daily activities
  • No features suggestive of asthma or steroid responsiveness

Robert is starting to struggle with climbing stairs and doing household chores. He now watches television instead of going for long walks outside, or dancing with his wife.

Image showing a patient coughing

This is a fictional patient for illustrative purposes.

What maintenance therapy would you start Robert on?

See head-to-head data for Anoro Ellipta (a LAMA/LABA) vs. a LAMA, and vs. a LAMA/LABA below

Anoro Ellipta (a LAMA/LABA) vs. tiotropium HandiHaler (a LAMA)

Lung Icon

In a pooled, post-hoc analysis of three 24-week RCTs in patients not on maintenance therapy (for ≥30 days before screening), Anoro Ellipta demonstrated a 2.4x greater lung function improvement vs. tiotropium HandiHaler (with an extra 146mL improvement in trough FEV1)2,3

Anoro Ellipta (a LAMA/LABA) vs. Spiolto Respimat (a LAMA/LABA)

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In an 8-week open-label crossover study in patients not on maintenance therapy (for ≥2 weeks prior to randomisation), Anoro Ellipta demonstrated a 1.4x superior lung function improvement vs. Spiolto Respimat (with an extra 52mL improvement in trough FEV1)4

Hear experts' perspectives on prescribing LAMA/LABA maintenance therapy and listen to real life patient case studies

Watch the videos here


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