Anoro Ellipta is the only LAMA/LABA with head-to-head data vs. a LAMA1,2,5,6 and vs. two LAMA/LABAs3,4

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In a post hoc, pooled analysis of 3 RCTs at 24 weeks in patients not on maintenance therapy (for ≥30 days before screening):1,2

Anoro Ellipta demonstrated a 2.4x greater lung function improvement vs. tiotropium HandiHaler, with an extra 146mL improvement in trough FEV11,2

In two (out of three) individual 24-week RCTs in COPD patients not on maintenance therapy at the study screening visit:5,6

Anoro Ellipta significantly reduced rescue medication use vs. tiotropium HandiHaler5,6

In an 8-week open-label crossover study in patients not on maintenance therapy (for ≥2 weeks prior to randomisation):3

Anoro Ellipta demonstrated a 1.4x superior lung function improvement vs. Spiolto Respimat, with an extra 52mL improvement in trough FEV13

Anoro Ellipta was well tolerated and had a safety profile comparable to tiotropium HandiHaler1,5,6 and Spiolto Respimat3 in these studies/analyses

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Anoro Ellipta has head-to-head data
vs. Spiolto Respimat3 (a LAMA/LABA) and
vs. Bevespi Aerosphere4 (a LAMA/LABA).


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