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Innovative Bexsero

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First vaccine to be designed using reverse vaccinology1,5

This novel approach was necessary to overcome challenges linked to traditional vaccines:2

  • Capsular vaccines have proven poorly immunogenic due to the structural homology between the B polysaccharide and human tissue leading to immunological tolerance2
  • Outer Membrane Vesicle-based Vaccines have proven immunogenic and effective for a single serogroup B strain and therefore limited in the ability to help protect against different meningococcal serogroup B strains2

Reverse vaccinology explained

Reverse vaccinology

Illustration copyrights GlaxoSmithKline

  • The N. meningitides serogroup B genome had previously been sequenced in full.1
  • From this sequence, 2158 open reading frames were identified.1 570 proteins that were likely to induce bactericidal antibodies were identified using bioinformatics. 1 ,4
  • 350 of these open reading frames were cloned in an E.coli expression system. These recombinant proteins were purified and used to immunise mice. 1 ,4
  • These 350 proteins were then assayed where 91 proteins were identified to either be expressed on the cell surface or have serum bactericidal activity. 1 ,4
  • Of these 91 proteins, 28 were able to actually induce antigens with bactericidal activity against multiple MenB strains. 1 ,4
  • The 3 most immunogenic antigens NHBA, fHbp, and NadA were selected as well as the Porin protein, PorA, to be part of the composition of the Bexsero vaccine. 1 ,3


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