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PSA Monitoring Guide

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Combodart reduces prostate volume and, therefore, causes a decrease in serum PSA levels by approximately 50% after 6 months in patients with BPH.[1]

Patients receiving Combodart should have a new PSA baseline established after 6 months of treatment. It is recommended to monitor PSA values regularly thereafter.[1]

Any confirmed increase from lowest PSA level while on Combodart should be carefully evaluated as it may signal the presence of prostate cancer or non-compliance to therapy with Combodart.[1]

PSA levels in BPH patient receiving Combodart (schematic representation):[1]

Treatment with dutasteride does not interfere with the use of PSA as a tool to assist in the diagnosis of prostate cancer after a new baseline has been established. [1]

Additional checks on treatment compliance or other factors that can affect PSA values should be considered in the interpretation of results.[1]

Please refer to the SPC for full information on how to monitor PSA levels in patients receiving Combodart.

* Prostate-Specific Antigen


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