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Seretide evidence

Seretide efficacy and clinical evidence

Read the information below to understand the key clinical evidence for Seretide in asthma and COPD.



Asthma summary

Asthma patients uncontrolled on ≤ 500mcgs BDP or equivalent when stepped up to Seretide can

  • 88% of rescue medication free days over one year*
  • 74% of symptom free days over one year*
  • 75% patients achieved guideline-defined control after one year

* This was demonstrated in a post-hoc analysis of the GOAL study.12

Read the GOAL study summary below or the GOAL study in full

COPD summary

Short-term benefits

COPD patients on Seretide 500 Diskus experienced an improvement in:

  • lung function after 24 hours measured as PEFR vs. placebo, salmeterol and fluticasone propionate in a patient subgroup with baseline FEV1 <50% predicted (p<0.0001)3
  • breathlessness after 48 hours compared with placebo in a patient subgroup with baseline FEV1 <50% predicted (p<0.001)3

Long-term benefits

TORCH was a 3 year study. The primary endpoint of the effect of Seretide 500 Diskus on all-cause mortality did not meet statistical significance; P=0.0524

Additionally, over 3 years, COPD patients taking Seretide 500 Diskus experienced:

  • a 43% reduction in the rate of exacerbations requiring oral steroids compared with placebo (p<0.001) ARR = – 0.34 exacerbations/yr (0.46 Seretide 500 Diskus vs. 0.80 placebo)4
  • Improvement in quality of life measured with SGRQ4
  • Reduced rate of lung function decline by 16mL per year compared with placebo (in a post-hoc analysis) (p<0.001)5

Read the TORCH study summary below or the TORCH study in full

Evidence for Seretide in adults with asthma:

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Gaining Optimal Asthma control The "GOAL" study summary 12


Evidence for Seretide 50/25 Evohaler or 100/50 Diskus in children with asthma:

De Blic et al. study summary 6


For further information on how Seretide offers an effective asthma treatment for children aged four years and older, see our Paediatrics page.

Evidence for Seretide 500/50 Diskus in adults with COPD 

TORCH (TOwards a Revolution in COPD Health) study summary4


INSPIRE study summary7


Kardos et al. study summary8



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