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A different mechanism of action

Keppra is a broad spectrum AED with a different mechanism of action1

Mechanisms of action of AEDs1,2

Close to the ideal pharmacokinetic profile for an AED

Keppra’s pharmacokinetic profile closely approximates the optimal characteristics expected for an AED3-6

Keppra’s pharmacokinetic profile3,5

* Blood methotrexate and levetiracetam levels should be carefully monitored in patients treated concomitantly with the two drugs.

Keppra: Mechanism of action video

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AED: anti-epileptic drug; BZD: benzodiazepines; Ca: calcium; CBZ: carbamazepine; ESL: eslicarbazepine; GABA: gamma-aminobutyric acid; GBP: gabapentin; LCM: lacosamide; LEV: levetiracetam; LTG: lamotrigine; Na: sodium; OXC: oxcarbazepine; PB: phenobarbital; PER: perampanel; PHT: phenytoin; SV2A: synaptic vesicle protein 2A; TIG: tiagabine; TOP: topiramate; VPA: valproate; ZNS: zonisamide. 


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