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Fundamentals of Appropriate Antibiotic Prescription AAP

Know more about the Eight Consensus Principles of Appropriate Antibiotic Prescription (AAP) and help combat Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) by mastering the fundamentals of AAP now!

Appropriate Antibiotic Prescribing Introduction

August 2018 – PH/CAM/0007/18

Appropriate Antibiotic Prescribing: Treat

August 2018 – PH/CAM/0007/18a

Appropriate Antibiotic Prescribing: Optimize

August 2018 – PH/CAM/0007/18b

Appropriate Antibiotic Prescribing: Maximize

August 2018 – PH/CAM/0007/18c

Appropriate Antibiotic Prescribing: Recognize

Appropriate Antibiotic Prescribing: Recognize

August 2018 – PH/CAM/0007/18d

Appropriate Antibiotic Prescribing: Utilize

August 2018 – PH/CAM/0007/18e

Appropriate Antibiotic Prescribing: Integrate

August 2018 – PH/CAM/0007/18f

Appropriate Antibiotic Prescribing: Prescribe

August 2018 – PH/CAM/0007/18g

Appropriate Antibiotic Prescribing: Encourage

August 2018 – PH/CAM/0007/18h


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