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ANORO is delivered in an ELLIPTA Inhaler

Adverse Reactions

At the conclusion of a 4-week clinical study of patients with COPD (N=266):

93% of patients demonstrated correct use and rated the ELLIPTA inhaler as easy to use1*

*Inhalers did not contain active treatment.

Description of study1

Inhalers did not contain active treatment.

A 28-day, open-label, placebo study designed to assess ease of use of the ELLIPTA inhaler in patients with COPD (N=266), among patients using the inhaler correctly on Day 28. Correct use was evaluated using instructions derived from the prescribing information for products delivered in the ELLIPTA inhaler. At enrollment, patients were allowed up to 3 attempts to demonstrate correct use (with training between attempts 1 and 2 and attempts 2 and 3, if necessary), and all patients were able to demonstrate correct use. On Day 28, patients were evaluated for correct use in a single attempt without additional instruction; 97% demonstrated correct use. “Easy to use” was defined as a rating of very easy or easy on a 4-point scale (very easy, easy, difficult, very difficult).

Adverse Reactions

Breath actuated

  • Requires no hand-breath coordination

Single-step dose activation

  • When the inhaler is opened fully, the contents of both blisters are combined in the manifold and ready for inhalation by the patient. Each time patients open the cover, they will hear a clicking sound and the dose counter will decrease in number
  • If patients open and close the cover without inhaling the medicine, they will lose the dose. Any lost dose is securely held in the holding chambers and is no longer available to be inhaled
  • It is not possible to accidentally take a double dose or an extra dose in one inhalation


  • 2 blister strips with 30 blisters each
    • 1 contains umeclidinium: 62.5 mcg/blister
    • 1 contains vilanterol: 25 mcg/blister
  • Each inhaler contains 60 blisters and provides 30 doses for a 30-day supply
  • An institutional pack is also available, containing 14 blisters, and provides 7 doses for a 7-day supply

Also contains lactose monohydrate and magnesium stearate.

For more information, see the Instructions for Use in the Medication Guide for ANORO ELLIPTA.

COPD=chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Reference: 1. Data on file, GSK.