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NUCALA: Patients with zero exacerbations over 4.5 years

COLUMBA (4.5-year open-label study)1
Number of exacerbations* All Patients, N=347

Results are descriptive.

*Based on exacerbations reported from the time a patient enrolled in COLUMBA until study withdrawal (median duration 3.8 years).

Secondary Endpoint: Annualized exacerbation rate: 0.68 (95% CI: 0.60, 0.78).

NUCALA: Associated with sustained protection from exacerbations over 4 years

Post hoc analysis: COLUMBA (4.5-year open-label study)2

NUCALA: Lasting reduced OCS dose observed for an additional 52 weeks

Post hoc analysis: COSMOS (open-label extension study)4

Durability of OCS Dose Reduction*

Graph only includes patients who completed COSMOS.4

*Durability of response was defined as OCS dose reduction when combined with SIRIUS data.4

Adapted with permission from Elsevier HS Journal, Inc. ©2016

93% of patients from SIRIUS enrolled in COSMOS


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