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SHINGRIX: A Supply Update

Here’s the latest news on SHINGRIX supply and demand. Use the links below to go to the content that most interests you.

We’re working hard to build capacity to meet the unprecedented demand.

We knew there would be demand for SHINGRIX—but a combination of factors caused the market to evolve faster than we expected. 

In response to the demand, we’ve accelerated our long-term manufacturing plan and are increasing production. We’re also making vaccine availability more predictable and shipping into the market twice every month.

Increasing production will take time—the formulation and manufacturing process for SHINGRIX takes 6-9 months and includes over 1,000 rigorous quality checks. So, ordering and allocation limits are expected to continue throughout 2019, though individual customer resupply experiences will vary. There have been no manufacturing issues.


Before launch, GSK developed a manufacturing plan to increase supply as demand grew. We are accelerating that plan to meet the unprecedented demand.

GSK is working hard to meet the unprecedented demand and the US remains our highest priority. We are deeply committed to ensuring that SHINGRIX is available to individuals who need it. In 2018, we delivered more than 9 million SHINGRIX doses globally, and we continue to expand and accelerate capacity to deliver a significant increase in doses in 2019.

In the years ahead, we plan to grow supply even further to meet ongoing demand. We are undertaking multiple initiatives to boost our production across our manufacturing network. In addition, we are releasing shipments of SHINGRIX into the market twice every month to make vaccine availability more predictable.


The increase in supply should reassure patients that they’ll have the opportunity to complete the 2-dose series within the 2- to 6-month dosing window.

In the event that a patient does not receive their second dose within the 2- to 6-month window, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided guidance which can be found on the CDC website, or you can contact GSK for more information.

GSK has a variety of reminder tools—available at no cost to you—to assist you and your patients with series completion.

Master_OrderingEX.png (102×103)


GSK understands that the unpredictable supply has made ordering SHINGRIX and managing your inventory a frustrating experience. 

For Wholesaler Accounts not using GSK Direct:

  • GSK has increased supply and has been consistently shipping to wholesalers and distributors
  • If you’re not receiving consistent shipments, work with your wholesaler to make sure your needs are expressed and understood
  • If you do not have SHINGRIX in stock, consider referring your patients to their local pharmacy

For GSK Direct customers, we’ve also simplified and streamlined the ordering process:

  • We’ve enhanced website functionality to improve the customer experience
  • Customers may place another order immediately after their current order is fulfilled
  • For quicker and more predictable deliveries, there is a limit of 10 doses per order
  • Allocation volumes have been simplified to a single 10x presentation
  • The 1x presentation is no longer available on GSK Direct
  • We anticipate even faster fulfillment throughout 2019


For your patients, the SHINGRIX Vaccine Locator is a starting point that helps them find SHINGRIX.

  • The locator shows which stores and HCP offices have received product in the last 3 months
  • Similar to other vaccine locator tools, it does not show real-time inventory data because of the individual nature of each practice or each pharmacy’s immunization program
  • These data are refreshed weekly, and stores that have not stocked SHINGRIX in the last 3 months are removed
  • Please direct patients to call the pharmacy first to make sure SHINGRIX is in stock
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GSK is your partner in shingles prevention. Meeting the demand for SHINGRIX is one of our highest priorities. We’re also committed to continue manufacturing vaccines for other diseases.

We delivered more than 9 million SHINGRIX doses globally in 2018, and we continue to expand and accelerate capacity to deliver a significant increase in doses in 2019.

We have delayed direct-to-consumer advertising and other marketing programs that would drive added demand.

We will continue to monitor demand and provide updates on supply. Plan to hear from us on a continuing basis. We’re here for you, so do not hesitate to call us with any SHINGRIX-related questions. You can reach us at 1-800-772-9292, or by contacting your GSK Vaccines representative.

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