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Helping Patients Living with SLE

Negative impact on daily activities and careers

Patients with SLE have impaired function affecting multiple aspects of their daily lives. The majority of patients report a periodic or permanent effect on their daily activities.3 In a prospective study of 829 patients with SLE, 91% reported a negative effect on their ability to perform at least one valued life activity, such as cooking, family care or sleeping.4

Another study reported that SLE negatively impacted patients’ career decisions11:

changed their career paths due to the disease

retired or quit working earlier than planned

reduced their work hours

Improving SLE patient interactions

Good communication between patients and providers is critical. Unfortunately, patients sometimes have a hard time talking to their providers about their own health. In one study, 52% of patients reported that they minimize their symptoms when talking to physicians, while 72% of physicians are unaware that patients tend to underreport their symptoms.11

*Retrospective analysis using data of the Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS), Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality from 1996-2011.

Data from the 2011 National Burden of Lupus survey was funded and developed by GSK. This survey included 957 people in the lupus community — 502 people who reported being diagnosed with SLE, 204 supporters (family members or friends) of people with lupus and 251 rheumatologists.


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