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Medical History

  • SLE diagnosed 6 years ago
  • Ongoing symptoms of active disease over the last 8 months, mostly skin and joints affected
  • Was prescribed BENLYSTA IV, but was not able to commit to monthly infusions due to high demands of her work and her family needs


  • Persistent malar rash and mucosal ulcers for the last 8 months
  • Polyarthritis in the hands and knees for the last 8 months
  • Anaemia (haemoglobin - 10 g/dL) for 8 months
  • Fatigue

Recent Clinical Assessment


  • Hydroxychloroquine 400 mg/day for the last 6 years
  • Prednisone:
    • Been receiving 7.5 mg/day for the last 3 months
    • Historically taking 5 mg/day until this last flare
    • Prescribed 15 mg/day for the acute treatment of flares

Impact on Daily Living

  • A mixture of painful/inflamed joints together with fatigue is preventing her from enjoying time with her children on walks or at the playground
  • Finger pain/stiffness can make it painful to use cutlery, prepare food or dress herself and her children
  • More self-conscious of her rash which is impacting her confidence

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What Next?

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Additional Resources

How do I identify eligible patients in my practice?

*SELENA-SLEDAI (Safety of Estrogens in Lupus Erythematosus: National Assessment version of the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease Activity Index) assesses 24 weighted variables to indicate overall disease severity.
FACIT, functional assessment of chronic illness therapy.

This patient is for illustrative purposes only and is not a real patient.