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Relvar efficacy and safety in asthma

Asthma Control: When Less is More webinar (February 2016) is a mix of presentations discussing the challenges still faced in asthma management today and the potential opportunities to improve asthma control, as well as GSK Respiratory Expert Prof. Andrew Greening is providing answers to key questions regarding asthma management raised during the webinar.

This on demand content is intended for healthcare professionals. Content includes product information.

ICS/LABA in asthma

How good is the LABA?

What is special about the ICS?

Possible benefits of Relvar?

Relvar vs. ICS

Relvar vs. Seretide

Therapeutic index

HPA axis

Event speaker information

GSK Medical Expert

Prof Andrew Greening

A specialist in pulmonary disease formerly with the University of Edinburgh, a renowned expert in asthma management. He currently holds a position as Global Medical Expert with the GSK Global Respiratory Team.

GSK Medical Expert

Dr Adam Hawkins

European Area Medical Lead with the GSK Global Respiratory Team. Adam is a general practitioner with many years’ clinical experience and specific interest in respiratory medicine.

GSK Medical Expert

Prof Andreas Heddini

A physician with GSK and is the medical lead for respiratory in the Nordic countries. Andreas has many years’ experience in infectious disease and immuno-inflammation and has served as the deputy state epidemiologist in Sweden.