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Specialists in Training Access to Relevant Research Overseas and Worldwide


Are you working on a research project in the respiratory field right now?

This is your chance to present your abstract to an expert panel and take a shot at an individual mentorship with a leading expert!**

For the past 4 years, GSK SPARROW supports upcoming researchers and clinicians with mentorships and networking opportunities. This year we again invite these researchers based in the Netherlands to send in an abstract in the field of respiratory research, focused on (severe) Asthma and/or COPD. Together with GSK, an Expert Panel will give five of them the opportunity to present their abstract. The researcher/clinician with the most inspiring abstract and presentation gains an individual mentorship from a relevant Dutch expert and the opportunity for a short internship in an expert center domestically or elsewhere in Europe. Furthermore, this year, we can submit your abstract to the European GSK SPARROW meeting during the ERS (European Respiratory Society) Congress! If your submission is nominated, you’re invited to present your work to an international expert panel.

“It’s great that GSK initiates this kind of initiative because it supports young researchers and clinicians in their career path to become world-known scientists” Prof. dr. Martijn Spruit, Professor in Rehabilitation of Chronic Organ Failure- Expert Panel 2021

Practical information

Date: 20th of June 2023
Time: 15:00 to 18:00 hours
Location: Observant, Stadhuisplein 7, 3811 LM Amersfoort


Deadline for submission is the 8th of May. The abstract will be sent to the Expert Panel and selected researchers will be notified by the 22th of May. With your permission we can also send your abstract to our European SPARROW committee; if selected, you could present your research during the ERS congress (9-13 September in Milan – Italy) with other contestants from Europe to a broad international public.
Note that GSK will not sponsor the costs of transport, hospitality or ERS registration fees. Virtual participation is possible.

Conditions for participation

Abstracts submitted can be up to 1 year old or in preparation for submission to future congress. It is possible to use an abstract which has already been submitted elsewhere. The abstract may not be published on the date of submission for this event.

Details of the submission

Length: the maximum length of an abstract is 1810 characters including characters and spaces in the following: abstract title, abstract body, table, and figures. N.B. if you insert a table, each cell will deduce a character in addition to its contents. Inserting an image/image/figure deducts 277 characters. As guidance you use the ERS submission instructions as stated on the ERS website. For further guidance, please ask your local GSK contact.

Sparrow 2023 Expert Panel

Dr. Hans in ‘t Veen – pulmonologist at SFG Rotterdam,
Prof. dr. Martijn Spruit – researcher/ member of the board of directors at CIRO Horn,
Dr. Bart Hilvering – pulmonologist at Amsterdam UMC and ANIOS/PhD,
Prof. dr. Hermelijn Smits - researcher/ immunoloog Leiden UMC,
Susan Muiser – researcher at UMCG and winner of GSK SPARROW 2022


Joke Bax
Tel: +316 53 94 92 23

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Van Asch van Wijckstraat 55H, 3811 LP Amersfoort


Hanneke Romans: hanneke.j.romans@gsk.com
Tel.: +316 53 41 60 56

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Van Asch van Wijckstraat 55H, 3811 LP Amersfoort

**GSK NL cannot provide the price to the winner when this person is a government official, has a current conflict of interest with GSK or is capable of influencing GSK’s business.

Any submission of an extract to GSK will allow GSK to respond to your request by using the same communication channel you used when you submitted your extract, or by using any other channel that you authorize us to use.

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