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What is Nucala?

Nucala is indicated as an add-on treatment for adult, adolescent and paediatric patients (aged 6 or above) with severe refractory eosinophilic asthma. 1 Nucala is administered as a subcutaneous injection at a fixed dose once every four weeks. 1

How does Nucala work?

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Nucala targets IL-5, the main cytokine responsible for the growth and differentiation, recruitment, activation, and survival of eosinophils. By inhibiting IL-5 signalling, Nucala reduces the production and survival of eosinophils. 13

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Who could benefit from Nucala?

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Patients who are likely to benefit from Nucala should have two or more controller therapies, including high-dose ICS and additional controller(s) and two or more exacerbations in the previous 12 months and/or daily OCS. 1

Nucala is recommended for long-term treatment and its use should be reviewed on an annual basis. 1

Clinical response to Nucala is predicted in patients with eosinophil counts ≥150 cells/μL at initiation of treatment or ≥300 cells/μL in the prior 12 months. 6

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Nucala (Mepolizumab)

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IL-5, interleukin-5.


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Nucala - Respiratoir

Nucala is geïndiceerd als aanvullende behandeling voor ernstig refractair eosinofiel astma bij volwassenen, adolescenten en kinderen vanaf 6 jaar.

Nucala is een handelsmerk van GlaxoSmithKline.

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Nucala is indicated as an add-on treatment for severe refractory eosinophilic asthma in adults, adolescents and children aged 6 years and older. 1

Only Nucala 100mg SC is licensed in patients aged 12 years and older.

Only Nucala 40mg SC is licensed in patients aged 6–11 years.

Mepolizumab IV is not a licensed dose of administration