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Dosing and administration of Incruse Ellipta

Inhalation only. One inhalation once daily of Incruse Ellipta at the same time of the day each day. 1

How to use the Ellipta inhaler

These instructions are designed to help show your patients how to use the Ellipta inhaler.

To order materials to support your patients please click here

Only open the package when you are ready to begin using your inhaler. Once you tear open the foil you should use your Ellipta inhaler within 6 weeks. The “Discard by” date should be written on the inhaler label in the space provided. The “Discard by” date is 6 weeks from the date of opening the tray. After this date the inhaler should no longer be used. The tray can be discarded after first opening. The printer friendly version above includes a space for patients to write down this information.


1. Slide the cover down until you hear a ‘click’

2. While holding the inhaler away from your mouth, breathe out as far as is comfortable


3. Put the mouthpiece between your lips, and close your lips firmly around it

4. Take one long, steady, deep breath in and hold this breath for at least 3-4 seconds


5. Remove the inhaler from your mouth and breathe out slowly and gently

6. Slide the cover upwards as far as it will go to cover the mouthpiece

7. It is not necessary to clean the mouthpiece. If you chose to do so, always use a dry tissue

Order a demonstration Ellipta inhaler

IMPORTANT: The demonstration Ellipta inhaler is intended for demonstrating how to use the Ellipta Inhaler for patients not for patient use. Patients should not put the demonstration inhaler in their mouth.

How to use the Ellipta Inhaler Video

Watch our short video on how to use the Ellipta Inhaler.

Video player requires JavaScript enabled. You can download this video here:

Note: The Ellipta demonstration inhaler should be replaced once the dose counter reaches zero.

Getting Started

Before your patient starts using their active inhaler, you should consider the following:

The Ellipta® demonstration inhaler is packaged in a tray containing a dessicant gel sachet, which should be thrown away with the other packaging.

When it is taken out of the tray, the inhaler will be in the ‘closed’ position (the cover will be shut). It is ready to use straight from the packaging, so there is no need to prepare it for use in any special way

IMPORTANT: If your patient opens and closes the cover of their inhaler without inhaling the medicine, the dose will be lost. Your patient should be ready to take the medicine before opening the cover.

Top tips for your patients

  • It may not be possible to taste or feel the medicine, even when using the inhaler correctly
  • Do not shake the inhaler, block the air vents with your fingers, or breathe out into the inhaler
  • The dose counter will count down by one unit at a time. If the dose counter does not count down when you hear the ‘click’, the inhaler will not deliver the required dose. If this happens, your patient should take the inhaler back to the pharmacy.


  1. Incruse Ellipta 55 mcg SPC; GlaxoSmithKline

Adverse events should be reported directly to the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) on their website: . Adverse events should also be reported to GlaxoSmithKline on 1800 244 255.

These medicinal products are subject to additional monitoring. This will allow quick identification of new safety information. You can help by reporting side effects you may get.

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