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patient profile 1


Living with HIV and managing hypercholesterolaemia and impaired glucose tolerance while ageing with HIV

56 years of age | Male

  • Reliably attends appointments
  • Trusting of treatment recommendations
  • Assumes current treatment is as "good as it gets"


  • HIV diagnosis: 2014
  • HIV treatment history
    • 3 prior regimens
    • Virally suppressed on TAF-based regimen
  • Other relevant history:
    • Hepatitis B negative


  • High cholesterol
  • Pre-diabetes


  • He wants to continue enjoying his life with his partner and friends while remaining undetectable
  • He wishes to minimise any negative impacts of his HIV and comorbidities to ensure he can live a healthy life as he gets older.
patient profile 2


A woman of childbearing potential looking to reduce her exposure to accumulated toxicities and to live well with HIV

33 years of age | Female

  • Feels empowered and secure after recently entering a committed relationship
  • Newly optimistic: considering future goals and long-term health
  • Largely keeps to her appointments, but has missed a few over the years


  • HIV diagnosis: 2016
  • HIV treatment history:
    • 2 prior regimens
    • No history of treatment failure


  • Hepatitis B negative
  • Currently takes a contraceptive pill


  • Motivated to stay on a treatment that will control her HIV and keep herself healthy for a long life ahead
  • Wants to optimise treatment where possible to avoid long-term toxicities now that she is in a committed relationship and is planning for the future
patient profile 4


Living with HIV and conscious of his hereditary risk of developing chronic renal disease

43 years of age | Male

  • Engaged in his health and is open to taking fewer medicines if his HIV stays undetectable
  • Conscious that people living with HIV are prone to develop comorbidities
  • Concerned about the long-term effects of HIV medicines
  • Seeks reassurance by searching for treatments and the experience of others


  • HIV Diagnosis: 2008
  • HIV treatment history:
    • Virally suppressed on an INSTI-based 3-drug regimen


  • Hepatitis B negative
  • Family history of chronic kidney disease


  • Has always shown an interest in understanding his condition and the available treatment options, as he wants to ensure his HIV is optimally controlled
  • He is aware of the associated comorbidity risks and wants to optimise his future health

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