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This is the same number of viral replication sites as typical three drug regimens – without the need for TDF, TAF and ABC.3-5

DTG and 3TC block two separate sites of the viral replication cycle – the same number as most 3 drug regimens (which typically contain 3 drugs from two classes).*,3,6-9 This makes it difficult for the virus to develop mutations that confer treatment resistance.8,9

Lamivudine (3TC) disrupts HIV from transcribing its RNA into DNA inside the CD4 cell, by blocking the activity of reverse transcriptase.3

Dolutegravir (DTG) disables the activity of HIV integrase, thereby preventing the integration of viral DNA into the host cell’s DNA.3

CD4 Cell illustration

*most NRTI-based 3DRs.


…enabling DOVATO to remain at effective concentrations for ~84 hours post dose.10 this, alongside the once-daily dosing interval3, help to support the high barrier to resistance of DOVATO.

The pharmacokinetic profiles of DTG and 3TC are synchronised – Both remain at effective concentrations ~84 hours post-dose.3,10,11 This, and the once-daily dosing interval, help to support the high barrier to resistance of DOVATO.3,10

Antiretrovirals with a long half-life help to provide sustained exposure of HIV to treatment; ARV's with a longer half-life suggests sustained exposure beyond the dosing interval –contributing to a high barrier to resistance.10,12

PK Profiles Graph


A Dynamic Duo with a proven high barrier to resistance and low rates of treatment emergent resistance.1,2,13,16,17

Low rates of treatment-emergent resistance have been reported which is similar to 2nd generation INSTIs in 3DR regimens.16,18-21

This clinical and real-world data illustrates the strength of the two agents in DOVATO and their ability to provide a high barrier to resistance.

Graph outlining the low rates of treatment emergent resistance with Dovato


TDF = tenofovir disoproxil fumarate; TAF = tenofovir alafenamide; ABC = abacavir; DTG = dolutegravir; RNA = ribonucleic acid; DNA = deoxyribonucleic acid; HIV = human immunodeficiency virus; CD4 = clusters of differentiation 4; 3TC = lamivudine; PLHIV = people living with HIV; TP = triphosphate; BID = twice daily; PA-IC90 = protein-adjusted 90% inhibitory concentration; PK = pharmacokinetic; QD = once daily.


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Adverse events should be reported directly to the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) on their website: Adverse events should also be reported to GlaxoSmithKline on 1800 244 255.

Dovato is a registered trade mark of the ViiV Healthcare group of companies or its licensor.

Date of preparation: February 2024 | PM-IE-DLL-WCNT-230004