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In 2019-2020, we updated the outer carton design to harmonize the look and feel across the GSK Vaccines portfolio. The updated packaging features a differentiated color bar graphic, age range indication, product presentation icon, and more to help support customers with vaccine administration. Below is an example of the updated packaging, along with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to provide information regarding the distribution of updated packaging.

GSK Vaccines Packaging FAQs:

General FAQs

Why is GSK updating the design on the outer packaging carton of our Vaccines products in the US?

With the additions of several products to the GSK Vaccines portfolio, we chose to update the outer packaging across all vaccines products to harmonize the look and feel. This updated packaging design applies to GSK Vaccines products; it does not apply to other GSK products.


What is changing in terms of the packaging design for GSK Vaccines products?

The design on the outer packaging carton will have an updated look and feel across all GSK Vaccines products. The interior components will not change, nor will the actual product or quantity.

Please see the image below which highlights the key features of the updated design:

Will any of the colors change on the carton of GSK Vaccines products?

The color scheme on the updated packaging design will follow the same color scheme on the current packaging for the majority of products.

However, a few products will contain an updated color scheme for product differentiation purposes:

  • INFANRIX (Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Vaccine Adsorbed): mint green 
  • KINRIX (Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Adsorbed and Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine): gold
  • ENGERIX-B [Hepatitis B Vaccine (Recombinant)] 0.5-mL (10 mcg): olive green
  • HIBERIX [Haemophilus b Conjugate Vaccine (Tetanus Toxoid Conjugate)]: light pink


Will the color ring on the PFS or the color cap on the vial change?

No, the color ring on the PFS and the color cap on the vial will remain the same.


Where can customers locate important information on the updated packaging design?

  • Age range indication: front panel of carton in the orange call-out box
  • NDC: top of front panel of carton
  • 2D barcode (which includes lot number and expiration date): back panel of carton
  • Storage information: back panel of the carton


Are there other updates to the size of the carton or quantity of products per carton?

No, the size of the carton and quantity of products in the carton will remain the same. Only the outer carton design will be updated.


Are there any changes to the actual vaccines or brand names?

No, the actual vaccines and brand names remain the same. Customers may continue to utilize GSK Vaccines products with current packaging.


What resources are available for customers to learn about the updated packaging design for GSK Vaccines?

Customers can visit to learn more about the updated packaging design for GSK Vaccines products. GSK representatives would be happy to answer any questions that customers may have, or customers may call the GSK Vaccines Service Center (866-475-8222) with any questions.

Is the updated packaging design being introduced in certain states or regions first?

No, the updated packaging design will be rolled out by product across all states in 2019–2020.


Is it possible for customers to receive some products with the current packaging design and some products with the updated packaging design?

Yes, customers may receive some products with current packaging and some products with updated packaging for a period of time, depending on product inventories available at GSK Distribution Centers and Wholesalers/Distributors.

As a reminder, only the outer packaging will be updated, so products with current packaging may continue to be used within their labeled expiration date according to their approved indication for appropriate patients.


How will GSK distribute products with updated packaging?

GSK will continue to distribute products with current packaging from our Distribution Centers until the updated packaging is available for each product (please see estimated timeline chart in previous FAQ). Thereafter, GSK will begin shipping products with updated packaging when the products with current packaging are depleted in inventory. Some shipments may contain current packaging and updated packaging—customers can continue to use products with current packaging or updated packaging.


What if I receive products directly from GSK and/or from my Wholesaler or Distributor? Are distributors receiving information about this update to GSK Vaccines product packaging?

Customers who order GSK Vaccines directly from GSK and from their Wholesaler/Distributor may receive current packaging or updated packaging, depending on product inventories available at GSK Distribution Centers and Wholesalers/Distributors. GSK has worked with approved Wholesalers/Distributors to provide information and resources about this packaging update. Customers can contact their Wholesaler/Distributor with questions about the updated packaging for GSK Vaccines or customers can also call the GSK Vaccines Service Center (866-475-8222) with any questions.

Package Specifications

What materials are being used for the packaging?

Folding box board material is used for the packaging of GSK Vaccines.


Is the packaging waterproof in case the storage refrigerator is too humid?

The packaging is not waterproof, but the packaging is typically resistant to normal refrigerator conditions. Direct contact with water should be avoided (for example, avoid contact with the back of the fridge where condensed water may be present).


Is the packaging recyclable? How should it be discarded?

The packaging can be recycled following local regulations.


Are there special recommendations on how to store the cartons?

The carton size has not changed. Vaccines should be stored according to the storage information located on the back panel of the carton and the Prescribing Information.


Are stickers included in the carton to document immunization in patient charts?

GSK Vaccines include 2D barcodes on the side panel of the carton so that customers can document immunizations in patient charts or EMR systems. Please note: To scan 2D barcodes for GSK Vaccines, the scanner needs to be set to black on white and white on black. Scanners may have a default setting of white on black (standard code) – please ensure that the scanner is also set to black on white (negative/inverted code) before scanning.


Will the pre-filled syringe (PFS) change?

The contents inside the carton remain the same; only the design on the outer carton packaging will be updated.