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Important supply updates

At this time, COVID-19 is not having an impact on GSK supply in the UK.

Please see below for details of products where we are currently experiencing supply issues:

Product name

PIP Code


Estimated recovery date

AUGMENTIN Vial 1.2g x 10 2342616 Out of stock TBC
CUTIVATE Cream 0.05% 15g 2075216 Out of stock TBC
CUTIVATE Cream 0.005% 15g 2247146 Out of stock TBC
FLIXOTIDE Nebules 0.5mg/2ml 1x10 2589588 Out of stock Late Feb 2021
FLIXOTIDE Nebules 2mg/2ml 1X10 2589570 Out of stock Late Feb 2021
FORTUM Injection 1gm 381988 Out of stock Q1 2021
FORTUM Injection 2gm 385278 Out of stock Q1 2021
FORTUM Injection 3gm 2075208 Being Discontinued No Replenishment
FORTUM Injection 500mg 434092 Out of stock Q1 2021
TIMENTIN Vials 3.2g x 4 4192 Not marketed in the UK
ZANTAC Syrup 300ml 413229 Out of stock TBC
ZANTAC Inj 25mg/ml 5x2ml 453720 Out of stock TBC
ZYBAN Tablets 150mg x 60 2709848 Out of stock Early Dec 2020

If you have any queries about the availability of a product, please contact your wholesaler.

Further information

If you require further information, please contact our UK Customer Contact Centre (; Freephone: 0800 221 441 or chat to a member of our team online.