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Most common adverse reactions

In TIVICAY (dolutegravir) Phase IIb and Phase III clinical studies the most common* treatment emergent adverse reactions were the following:1

Tivicay adverse reactions

*Definitions of frequencies: very common ≥ 1/10, common ≥1/100 to <1/10

Drug-drug interactions

TIVICAY has few significant interactions with commonly used medications.1-5

The table below is a useful guide to dosing TIVICAY concomitantly with other medications your patients may be taking.*

Tivicay drug-drug interactions

*The table is not exhaustive.
 §In paediatric patients the weight-based once daily dose should be administered twice daily if used in combination with these medications.1

 EFV: efavirenz
 NVP: nevirapine
 TPV/r: tipranavir/ritonavir

For a more comprehensive list of interactions, please see the HIV DDI database of University of Liverpool.


TIVICAY and dofetilide coadministration is contraindicated due to potential life-threatening toxicity caused by high dofetilide concentration.1

For further information on Tivicay safety, please see the Summary of Product Characteristics.


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