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Rotavirus online training portal

Learn more about rotavirus and Rotarix in an interactive way.


Module 1 of this training series introduces the problem and impact of rotavirus gastro-enteritis (RVGE) and expert recommendations for disease management and prevention.

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Rotavirus disease

Module 2 explores the clinical aspects of rotavirus gastro-enteritis (RVGE), including what causes it, how it is spread, disease duration and symptoms, the age groups most affected and the seasonal nature of infections.

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Module 3 focuses on Rotarix, the rotavirus (RV) vaccine on the national childhood immunisation schedule, discussing how Rotarix helps protect infants against RV gastro-enteritis (RVGE) provides broad and effective protection for up to two years post-vaccination.

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Safety and tolerability

Module 4 explores the safety profile of Rotarix and topics including side effects and contraindications for use in infants and intussusception and viral shedding a review of clinical studies affirming that the vaccine is well tolerated.

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Rotarix particulars

Module 5, the final module of this training series, covers the key pharmaceutical particulars of Rotarix, such as who the vaccine is suitable for and how it should be administered, the dosing schedule, how to store the vaccine and other useful information.

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Rotarix is a registered trademark of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies